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Budget-Happy Yarns!

In an effort to make yarn crafts more accessible to everyone, I asked my instagram followers what their favourite budget friendly yarns were. I wanted to compile a list to complement my last tutorial about substituting yarns in a pattern! So this is the sister post: the budget happy yarn edition! Don’t let an expensive suggested yarn hold you back from making the design you want – there are so many beautiful, inexpensive yarns out there! I’ll share the yarns I can personally attest to the quality here, and please drop more of your favs in the comments! As I try them out, I’ll add more to the list! Also, remember yarnsub.com is your best friend for substituting yarns!

SUPER COOL UPDATE: The wonderful Jessie Mae asked her following for some for their favourite budget yarns and has created a spreadsheet with the answers.  If you enjoy her resource, I recommending donating to her Ko-Fi as a thank you if you are able to.  Thank you Jessie for allowing me to share your research!

Check out Jessie Mae on Instagram and Ravelry! I’ve made two of her patterns, and have plans for many more. They are all size inclusive and beautiful.

Note: this post contains some affiliate links. I may make a small commission if you make a purchase using these links, at no additional cost to you.  Affiliate links allow me to provide free blog posts and tutorials, and free patterns (coming soon!) 

Budget Happy Yarn


Knitpicks was overwhelmingly the most recommended company when I asked about budget friendly yarn! Their policy is removing the “middle man” and providing their yarns directly to customers, without distributors, allowing them to offer quality yarns at a good price! Their yarns are only available on their website, however it seems like they offer international shipping at a decent rate, and they offer free shipping for larger orders. My knit night group and I often place joint orders to get the free shipping!

Stroll Sock Yarn | $4.99+ USD / 50g ball | Fingering Weight 

I LOVE this yarn, and you all did, too! Stroll is a super soft fingering weight yarn that knits up beautifully and is great for socks and garments. It’s your standard 75% superwash merino, and 25% nylon, which is great for durability. I’ve made Spencer a pair of socks using stroll, and those things have been in the washer and dryer more than I can count, and they still look amazing. The balls are only 50g, so you may want to snag 2 for a full pair of socks.

Stroll is available in solids, hand painted, tweed, tonals, minis, and bare if you want to dye your own!

Wool of the Andes | $2.49+ USD / 50g ball | Worsted Weight 

I personally love Wool of the Andes – it’s a super affordable, super versatile yarn with great stitch definition, and a lot of colour options. It’s not the worlds softest yarn (100% Peruvian wool – NON superwash), however, it holds up really well and knits up beautifully. I’ve used it to make a Weekender Sweater, a Flax Sweater, and a Droplets Sweater! I love the colours it comes in, especially the heathers.

WOTA is available in solids, tweeds, superwash, bulky, and superwash bulky as well.

Other Knitpicks Yarns

There are SO many yarns on knitpicks – here are some of the yarns I’ve bought, but haven’t used yet so I can’t attest to longevity, but can tell you that the colours are amazing!

Biggo | Wonderfluff | Felici | Mighty Stitch

Lion Brand Yarn

Lion Brand is a household name at this point, and they’ve really stepped up their game over the last couple of years. You can usually find Lion Brand Yarn at any major craft store (Michaels, Joann, Wal-Mart, etc), but they also have a new line of “luxury” yarns that are still pretty affordable, available on their website.

Wool Ease Thick + Quick | $9.49 USD* / 170g ball| Super Bulky

First off, I’ve never seen thick + quick for $9.49 USD – you can almost always get it at Michaels for around $5, or even cheaper when there are sales or coupons available.  Thick + Quick is one of my favourite yarns for making accessories and chunky sweaters! I’ve been itching to make the Cozy Celtic Raglan and even have the yarn ready to go. I just need more hours in the day.

Color Made Easy | $8.99 USD / 200g ball | Bulky

Okay, so I haven’t actually used this yarn myself, but I’ve seen so many of my friends use it with amazing results. Megan of Knittle and Pearl made the most amazing Ursa Sweater in it, and now I want to, too. The yarn is 100% acrylic, and is machine washable AND dryer safe, so it would be great for knits for the whole family.

Chainette | $8.99 USD / 50g ball | Worsted

Alright, so chainette is a little on the higher end as far as pricing goes, however, it’s STUNNING. It’s a chain yarn made of baby alpaca, wool, and just a little bit of polyamide. I watch Chantal of Knitatude wear her Easy Eyelet Yoke Sweater made in this yarn all the time and I’m always super jealous. It’s soft, light weight, a beautiful colour, AND Chantal swears it isn’t pilling. Even in the armpits, after lots of wear. I haven’t tried it yet, but this yarn is DEFINITELY on my list of yarns to try!

Other Lion Brand Yarns: 

Lion Brand Collection Yarns: these are the upscale yarns that LB has been coming out with! They’re a good mid-range price for when you want something kind of fancy – unfortunately you can only get them online or at the Lion Brand Warehouse. Below are a few more of my Lion Brand favs.

Homespun | Sock Ease | Jeans Cotton | Jeans Acrylic | Heartland

Other Yarns:

While Knitpicks and Lion Brand are my go-to for budget yarns, there are a lot of yarns by Yarnspirations (Bernat, Caron, etc) that are super cute and budget friendly!

Another company, that unfortunately doesn’t sell to the public but is still awesome and worth knowing about, is Estelle! Estelle is a Canadian yarn importer/distributor, but they also have their own house line of yarns! I just got my hands on some of their Llama natural, and it’s gorgeous – and was about $14 CAD for 250m. Not bad at all! Check your LYS for Estelle yarns!

I’d love to learn more about your favourite budget-friendly yarns! Drop your suggestions into the comments below! Be sure to take a look at my tips for substituting yarns into patterns as well!


PS, I make all my graphics using PicMonkey




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