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Two years ago I hopped on a plane with two of my best friends, and flew to Toronto for the 2017 Our Maker Life event. It. Was. Awesome.

Sadly, none of us were able to go in 2018 – and the FOMO was REAL. So, imagine my happiness when Calgary won the vote for OML 2019! Some of you might know that I’m getting married this year – in August – so an extra trip was out of the questions for us this year, so having the event in YYC (the airport code for Calgary – us Calgarians use it a LOT) ensured I could go.

I’m a born and raised Calgarian – I’ve lived here my whole life, and my fiance and I have no intention of leaving anytime soon. I’ve been thinking about how I can help all of you coming to Calgary for the first time, and I thought that sharing a blog post about where to stay, and what to do, might help!


I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at Calgary AirBNB prices! The venue is right smack in the middle of downtown Calgary, which makes it SUPER accessible.  The Pioneer on 8th is a new event venue situated right on Stephen Avenue Walk – it’s only about a block from the nearest LRT (or c-train) station. We only have two train lines here in Calgary, so if your AirBNB mentions being near an LRT station, you’re set.

Staying downtown will keep you close to the action – there are a LOT of hotels in downtown Calgary, and a LOT of AirBNBs – check out the prices and hit up some of your fellow makers to split the cost!

A cute Calgary neighbourhood near the action is Kensington – lots of local businesses, restaurants/bars, coffee shops, a grocery store, a park, and an LRT station – but it’s also close enough to walk on a nice day, or take a cheap Uber or Cab after a night out.

Inglewood is one of my favourite neighbourhoods, and is also close by. There isn’t a train station, but you could walk or take a cheap Uber/Cab.  There’s a lot of amazing local businesses in the Inglewood/Ramsay area.

East Village is beautiful and close by! Gorgeous river walk!

Mission or 17th Ave – mission is home to a ton of amazing restaurants and shops, and is super close to the action as well.

Bridgeland is also super close and has some amazing food!

If you’ve found a cool AirBNB, and want to know if you’re in a good location, feel free to DM me on instagram!


Calgary has a lot of amazing food – these are some of my personal favs:

Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch: Dairy Lane Cafe, Blue Star Diner, Vendome Cafe, Alforno, Red’s Diner,  Dandy Brewing Company, Brokin Yolk  (not very close but seriously delicious)

Coffee/Tea: Higher Ground, Vendome, Rosso Coffee, Simmons Building, Deville Coffee

Dinner: Dairy Lane Cafe/Blue Star Diner, Menyatai Japanese Noodles (they don’t have a website), Hayden Block (BBQ/Smokehouse), Vintage Chophouse (if you want a VERY fancy, very yummy steak dinner. $$$), Inglewood Drive In (BURGERS!), Dandy Brewing Company, Charbar, Bottlescrew Bill’s Pub (best. wings. ever/pub food)

Sweets: Pretty Sweet, Sweet Relief, Mari Bakeshop

Ice Cream: Village Ice Cream, Made by Marcus 

Beer: Dandy Brewing Company,  Last Best, 88 Brewing Company, Cabin Brewing, Banded Peak, Annex Ales, Village…there are a LOT of breweries in Calgary. Check out the Calgary beer map!  


BANFF: Go. To. Banff. Or Canmore. Or Both. Just trust me. Visit Morraine Lake. Go for a hike. Check out Banff town. It’s adorable. Have high tea at the Banff Springs Hotel if you can.


Things within Calgary: The Calgary Zoo, Glenbow Museum, National Music Centre, Calgary Artist Run Centres, Princes Island Park, St Patrick’s Island, Telus Spark

Drumheller: The Royal Tyrrell Museum – if you can make it out here, GO. It’s very cool. Hiking amongst the hoodoos is also recommended.  If you want to see the absolute WEIRDEST THING Alberta has to offer, check out the Gopher Hole Museum.


Malls: Crossiron Mills, Chinook Mall, Market Mall

Boutiques: Adorn, The Cinder & Sage Loft, Crafted, Plant, Recess, The Livery Shop, Peacock Boutique

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for…


Stash Needle Art Lounge, Villekulla Handmade (they also have fabrics!), Pudding, Yarn Twisters, The Loop, Gina Browns, and The Knitting Room.

Just outside of Calgary: Willow n Wool (Airdrie), Unwind Wool (Okotoks), The Sugar Pine Company (Canmore)

I hope this helps you plan your Calgary trip! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message on Instagram If you’re coming to the event, and you’re feeling nervous, come find me! I can’t wait to meet you all!

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