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February/March Recap

Welp. I said I’d write one of these every month, and then promptly didn’t after January’s. I’m going to try again and hope for the best.

On the happiest note, my little nugget niece Violet was born on February 1! So that was the best thing ever. Congrats again Laura and Max. I love her to bits!

Now, let’s talk about knitting!

Even though I finished this in March, I want to talk about it first. MY ZWEIG SWEATER. I couldn’t be more in love with this sweater. The pattern was perfect, the yarn is amazing, and it fits exactly how I hoped it would. I’m officially in love with fingering weight sweaters. They’re so WEARABLE. It’s amazing.  Here are some awkward photos of me wearing it!

The pattern is Zweig by Boyland Knitworks, and the yarn is Lichen & Lace, in Soot and Linen colourways. There are some more details on rav if you wanna know the knitty-gritty.

What else did I make? A couple pairs of socks. Some Valentine’s socks for myself using Srumptious Purl yarn from my Fibreshare partner, and some 18th birthday socks for my sister in law in Manos Del Uruguay (pink) and The Lemonade Shop (stormy day).

And finally, two Kntiatude testknits! The Soft Serve Beanie, and the Droplets Sweater (releasing SOON!)

I don’t have a finished object photo of the droplets sweater yet, but will put some up in April’s blog post when the pattern is out! For the Soft Serve Beanie, I used Quince & Co puffin yarn, and a fabulous Rainbow Designs pompom! Seriously – these poms cause all other poms to pale in comparison.

And lastly, I learned that I have a LOT of sock WIPS. I promise at least three of these will be finished by the end of April. Hold me to it, guys. If you wanna know about all these socks, find this post on my instagramIMG_2655

Well, that’s February and March in knitting! Stay tuned for April 10, when the Part of Your World Socks Pattern gets released!

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