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Highlights: January 2018

Oh my gosh, how is it February first?

January is always a difficult  month for me because 1.) I’m burnt out after the holiday season and 2.) business is SLOW. However, this might have been my favourite January ever. If you follow me on instagram, you know that I got engaged to my boyfriend of 9.5 years!


This was obviously a massively awesome life event, and I think I’m still smiling about it. I’ve already dove headfirst into wedding planning – and no, we don’t even have a date yet. That’s just the kind of person I am. Hopefully we’ll have the date + venue picked out in the next couple of weeks.

On a less personal and more business-y note, I had a couple of fun releases this month: my PRONGS sock pattern collab with Allison Barnes Yarn, and my first ever enamel pin collection.

Although I’ve been chugging along on my Zweig Sweater by Boyland knitworks, I sadly haven’t finished. I apparently over-estimated my attention span, and under-estimated how long a fingering weight sweater takes. I’m still on the body, and still every bit in love with it as I was at the start. Maaaaaaaybe I’ll be done for February’s recap.

I did FINALLY finish my poor neglected flax sweater. I promised Chantal of Knitatude that I would have it done before her birthday and I did! I am actually kicking myself for waiting this long to finish – this is a snuggley beast. And only the tiniest bit itchy – I thought it would be much worse being 100% wool. Here’s a selfie: IMG_1428


And I was only able to finish two other projects – my little funfetti shorty socks, and a test knit for my friend Laura of White Willow Wearables – the Gwen Cabled Beanie – which is adorable, and you should definitely knit it.


OH, and I also taught myself how to make toe-up socks! I just started the Fine and Dandy socks by the sweater collective, and they’re amazing. It wasn’t as hard as I had it in my mind it would be. I’m struggling a little bit with the laddering from magic loop, but other than that, I’m so into these adorable socks. The yarn is on the horizon by Autumn and Indigo and it is GORGEOUS.


And on top of all that, I was lucky enough to win an Instagram giveaway from Hank and Hook. Honestly, not a terrible start to 2018.

I’m not writing this post to be like “look how awesome my month was” – I’m writing this post to remind myself that even when I feel like absolute crap, and I can’t force myself to get out of bed – there are good things that happen every single month. Small victories – finishing a sweater or learning a new skill. I hope that you had a great January, and if you didn’t, I’m here for you. Even if we’ve never spoken a word to each other, I’m here for you. I hope you can find a small victory for yourself.

Happy 2018 guys. ♥

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