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WIP WEDNESDAY: Project Round Up

Yesterday I decided to have a little contest on Instagram…the person who can guess how many WIPs I have on my needles/hook would win a free copy of my Cozy Campfire Beanie pattern! I’ve spent the last 24 hours giggling away at the responses. Two people guessed 42, and the lowest guess I got was 7! I wish I could say I only had 7 WIPS…hahaha, but alas, I have…


I thought it might be fun to show you all the projects that are currently hanging out, waiting to be finished (in no particular order.)

1.) Jelly Rolls Socks



Started: about a week ago?

Progress: 50% –  one sock down, one to go!

Estimated time until completion: 2 weeks maybe? I’ll admit I’m having a small case of second sock syndrome.

Pattern: Jelly Rolls by Mara Catherine Myer



2.) Flax Sweater 



Started: April 7, 2017

Progress: 75% – I just need sleeves!

ETC: Hopefully by fall?

Pattern: Flax by Tin Can Knits





3.) Solana Cardigan


Started: June 7, 2017

Progress: 30%? Body is joined, so I have an awkward cropped vest so far.

ETC: I love this project, but lace on 3.75 mm needles is slow going. I bet it takes me a couple more months.

Pattern: Solana Cardigan by Knitpicks x Irina Anikeeva


4.) ANNA Super Scarf 



Started: one week ago

Progress: 20%!

ETC: I have been itching to cast this on, and in the midst of all my WIPs I decided to say screw it, and started it last week. I’d love to have it done before September! I can’t resist this squishy madtosh for long.

Pattern: ANNA by VanessaKnits


5.) Ranta Scarf 

Started: January 2017

Progress: 99%

ETC: I actually blocked this the other day so I am SO CLOSE – I just need to add the insane amount of fringe.

Pattern: Ranta Scarf Kit by We Are Knitters


6.) Clerkenwell Scarf

FullSizeRender (25)


Started: February 2017

Progress: 50% – I did all the increases, and now I just have to do the decreases.

ETC: Again…hopefully by fall. The mustard meriwool is calling my name.

Pattern: Clerkenwell Scarf Kit by We Are Knitters



7.) Downtown Snood 

Started: July 13, 2017

Progress: 99%

ETC: Another one that I have no excuse not to finish. I finished knitting this cutie at OML during the KAL but just haven’t got around to blocking and seaming it.

Pattern: Downtown Snood Kit by We Are Knitters


8.) Math Cardigan

FullSizeRender (23)

Started: January 2017

Progress: 90% – literally only seaming left

ETC: I’m actually determined to finish this in the next couple weeks. I just have to block and seam it. BLAHHHHHHHH.

Pattern: Math Cardigan Kit by We Are Knitters (which apparently doesn’t exist anymore!)


9.) Kinesis Sweater

Started: January 2017

Progress: 90% – same thing – seaming will be the death of me.


Pattern: Kinesis Sweater Kit by We Are Knitters


10.) Pineberry Tee

FullSizeRender (24)


Started: March 2017

Progress: 33%

ETC: I have no idea. I got really frustrated with this after finding an error in the pattern,  but I eventually finished the first half…maybe I’ll pick up the second half eventually.

Pattern: Pineberry Tee Kit by We Are Knitters


11.) Jolie Mimi Cardigan

FullSizeRender (26)


Started: May 2017

Progress: 25%

ETC: I really love this cardigan, and I really should finish it. It would have made a great summer cardigan – but it’s a lil late now, hahaha.

Pattern: Jolie Mimi Kit by Wool and the Gang


12.) Over-The-Top Top

Started: May 2017

Progress: 20%

ETC: This was supposed to be my summer shirt. Now it’s become my mindless knitting shirt so maybe I’ll finish it during my markets this fall?

Pattern: Over-the-top top by Purl Soho


13.) Cocoon Sweater

FullSizeRender (27)

Started: June 2016…oh my gosh

Progress: Probably 75%

ETC: This is my second cocoon sweater and I wore my first one into the ground because I loved it so much, but I’m kind of regretting my colour choice (bright mint) so it’s been difficult  to keep momentum. Maybe I should just start it in a neutral and power through it.

Pattern: Cocoon Sweater by Knitbrooks


14.) Giant Ripple Afghan 

Started: A couple months ago?

Progress: Probably like 3%

ETC: It’s not looking good for this afghan haha. It’s definitely the project I’m least invested in.

Pattern: My own, using up this horrible thick/thin yarn I impulsively purchased.


There you have it. 14 WIPS on my needles/hooks! Thanks for playing along, and hopefully I have some FOs sooner rather than later. 

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