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My First Pattern: The Cozy Campfire Beanie

I’m writing this with seriously shaky hands. I’ve finally finished, tested, and now published my first real pattern.

I know this is so not a big deal. I really do. But for some reason, this is 10000000 x more exciting than publishing any jewelry listing.  Maybe it’s because knitting has become my escape from work if that makes sense? Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE jewelry. But it is WORK. This was really, REALLY fun. Designing something, writing it down, making a .pdf, and watching my friends test it out to see if it worked – the whole thing from start to finish, was fun.

So here it is! The cozy campfire beanie! In all it’s squishy glory.  The aran weight yarn knits up quickly, but is light enough to allow several cable repeats, and awesome stitch definition. I used (and 100% recommend) Quince & Co. Osprey, but any heavy worsted or aran weight yarn will do the job.

There are two options for the brim – a regular single brim, or an ultra cozy double brim. I personally love the look of the folded over double, and I’m a big fan of extra toasty ears.

My goal for this beanie was for it to be warm enough to wear in the winter, but light enough that you can wear it around the campfire on the summer nights under the stars.

If you feel so inclined, you can check it out on etsy or ravelry.

The biggest thanks go to my wonderful testers Laura of White Willow Wearables, and Cynthia of Diakitch Knits, and my girl Chantal from Knitatude for always being encouraging, telling me to just doooo it whenever I’m freaking out (she’s my Shia LaBeouf), and for just generally being awesome. You guys rock.

If you do decide to make my beanie, I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to see it! Tag me on instagram (, or #cozycampfirebeanie, or #hellowoolfield. Or all three.

Okay, that’s it! Thanks for reading my ramble!





6 thoughts on “My First Pattern: The Cozy Campfire Beanie

  1. Beautiful beanie – and congratulations on your first pattern! I am in the process of creating my first crochet pattern at the moment – who knew it would be so much work – but you’re right – it’s a joy to come home from the office and work on something that is all my own creation. Good luck for many more! xxx


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